Blog: Balance

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 08 2020

Blog: Balance
Featured image: The Key


Your values - what you treasure, how you think, and the way you understand reality – these form the self, the soul. For some, these values are objective. They come from external sources like science.  Science is based on epistemology. You ask what is epistemology? Epistemology, in a nutshell, is a science devoted to discovery and an accurate, as truthful as possible, correct way to acquire and validate your judgements, statements, and values. Epistemology is what provides validity to the conclusions that are reached. 

For others, the self is subjective like artistic creativity. The act of artistic creation is a very personal self-experience.  Art is an expression of the soul – pure objectivity, pure self. People everywhere value the abstract, the immeasurable, the personal, and the non-concrete like believing in miracles and mystical things. People everywhere have faith in things that cannot be measured or defined. 

So is one better than the other?

The issue isn’t right or left, correct or incorrect. Both the objective and subjective have value. We need both in the world. The key is balance – and creativity offers that balance. Both examples – science and creativity – are filled with discovery, problem solving, and creation of ideas. Creativity is the balance of the objective and subjective. Creativity is the symbiosis that brings together the epistemological and the mystical.



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