Blog: Artist's Stories

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 25 2021

Blog: Artist's Stories

Featured image: Loon II

If you read or listen to some of the stories of an artist, they will share with you their journey of self discovery and resilience. As you listen you will find dedicated souls who have traveled life's journeys that made them vulnerable, brave, gritty and unpretentious, authentic and real. Their stories are stories that cannot be faked and their optimism also cannot be faked. Their stories will tell you what they have learned. Most of them will tell you that they roll with the punches and keep nature by their side always as a guiding poetic light. They will tell you that their souls, their spirits are like the wind, sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce but always authentic and always real. As they share these stories and the journeys that they have taken, you cannot help but notice their authenticity. If you cannot, well, perhaps that artist still has some parts of their selves, their souls and their independence to find.

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