Blog: Artists as creators, creatives in the circle of life

Christine Alfery

Posted on March 28 2018

Blog: Artists as creators, creatives in the circle of life

Featured image: Birches by the Lake

The concept of artist has changed.  When one thinks of artist one frequently thinks of the masters and skilled craftsmen applying their acquired techniques perfectly to whatever it is they are producing. The concepts of creator or creative, which is the one I personally like,  has taken up the empty space that the notion of “artist” once held.  A creative takes the skills they have acquired from skilled and master craftsmen, and then moves beyond, outside, the repetition of a foundational acquired skill of a craftsman/artist that produces.

Creatives take the realities of the craftsmen/artist, that have been repeated so often that the changes in  that the image changes are no longer seen.  The repetition blinds, shatters the image until it dissolves, melts into the common, such as a background. The repetitions, melt into nothingness vastness of one thing amongst many things and the many many things become the chaos of vast oceans. The vast oceans of landscapes, portraits and city scenes.  Then change happens.

The creative, picks some of the pieces from this vastness and creates, builds new realities. A creative visualizes what is in the vastness differently.  A creative, creates fresh realities from this vastness, picks up the pieces, that have been, but now are changed and allows others to see differently.  Creatives complete the circles of life and at the same time visualize and open fresh new ways for life to continue.

I have picked up the pieces of the often repeated painted landscape and see them anew, fresh, filled with a new way for life to continue in my work called “Birches By The Lake.”

which has been juried into the 13th Annual Emerald Spring National Exhibition 2018 in Springfield, MO.


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