Art And Science

Christine Alfery

Posted on February 02 2022

Art And Science

Featured image: The Key

I have always thought that artists and scientists had very similar roles within our culture. They both begin with an abstract and then explore all the parts of that abstract. They then, begin to create an idea or concept. In the past, the artist has placed emphasis on the composition of the work. For the scientist, emphasis is placed on the formula. Both happen through searching, discovery and experimentation.

I cannot speak much for science except for the element of discovery in their work. I think today that it is still of extreme importance in science to push the envelope of their theories as far as they can until they reach a dead end. Then to begin all over again, approaching the problem differently.

I can speak for the postmodern art and artists of today; for the most part they have forgotten about taking an idea, a concept from an abstract and pushing the envelope until it has reached a dead end and they begin again. Today, the artist has forgotten about coming up with a different idea, a fresh idea. Instead, many who call themselves artists have forgotten how to even create something from the abstract. Rather, they are more concerned of the method, and the "how to" methods of producing. In the past, composition was thought of as the way in which different elements of an artwork are combined and arranged and looked and thought about. Artist had complete freedom when arranging the elements within their work. That is no longer the case. Artists are afraid to explore, to experiment and create. I miss that in the artwork that is created today.

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