April 9, 2021 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 09 2021

April 9, 2021 Weekly Musings

FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2021 AT 4 PM CDT – 6:30 PM CDT
Artist Meet & Greet: Independent Spirits II

Meet the artists of Independent Spirits II, Christine Alfery, Jillayne Waite, and Nancy Tewinkel, at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau, WI.

This is a ticketed time-released event and you must reserve your free ticket in advance of the event. Get your ticket here: CLICK HERE

With only ten people allowed in the Caroline S. Mark gallery at a time, you will have the opportunity to meet the artists and ask questions in a small group setting. You will have 30mins in the gallery to view the exhibition and meet the artists, then you can move out to the garden courtyard to mingle with others or visit the CVAs other galleries.

Blessings to you all this Easter

Posted on April 04 2021

Featured image: Mr Renew

What a blessing we have been given.
Christ - Has Risen.
Rebirth, Renewal through Christ.

The more rabbits I paint this year, the more that I learn about rabbits. Isn't it interesting that they pop up at the same time that spring pops up? No? Well,  I think so. Anyway, rabbits for me now represent/symbolize, rebirth and renewal just like spring. They both make me feel happy and filled with new light and energy.

Blessings to you all this Easter a time for renewal and rebirth.


Is art a cultural object? Is art an object?

Posted on April 05 2021

Featured image: At Peace

The statement that “this is a good piece of art and this is a bad piece of art,” this statement is one of the biggest cultural objectifications I can think of. When an object becomes associated with good and bad it becomes a thing, an object of, a possession of whomever is making the association. "Good and bad" reinforce the ideas that there actually is good art and bad art. Well, perhaps there is, but I would prefer to think about art, not as something that becomes objectified, but as something that allows uniqueness and inventiveness as having authentic qualities. Authentic being understood by me as the “real.” Also, understood by me as something that learns from failures, or badness – and moves on. Example: The other night I was watching something on the science channel about flight and learning to fly. There were many failures done by many men trying to figure out how to create a flying machine. Without those failures, without those crashes the Wright brothers, who also knew of failures would never have succeeded.

Once you know in your heart that a creation is “authentic” or real, full of inventiveness, and the courageousness of making something that does not fit the norm, you will know whether it is a cultural object that objectifies art or if it is authentic art.

When looking at an object that was created, perhaps there are parts of it that do not work, and parts that do. Fix the parts that do and move on. The same goes for making art – not because it is an object and will sell because it has blue in it - but because it is authentic and touches the heart, the human soul. We know of many folks who have tried and failed. I, for example, try to paint a transparent watercolor every time I start a painting. To date, I have been unsuccessful. Personally, I have concluded that it is not important for my wellbeing, and sense of creative living to follow the rules of transparent watercolors. Perhaps, the reason I fail is because the rules to make the work qualify for being transparent overpower the concept of art and painting for me.

Also, for me, art – and judging if a work is good or bad – like following the rules that qualify a work as transparent or not, creates an improper perspective regarding the work. It sets the wrong set of beliefs as to what art is and should be. I prefer to think of art as something that has long-term growth or, as they used to say, timelessness. I prefer art that has not been objectified.

I have been writing about objectified art for some time now: objectified anything, including art, but also such things as women, self, soul, winning, loosing, good and bad ,to list a few. When an object becomes objectified it loses its power. Objects that lose their power are corrosive and hold no value except by those who are empowered by the object. Owning objects has become so powerful within our culture that it is impossible to escape and is full of materialism. It reduces the object to labels such as she is beautiful, it is beautiful, she is orange, she is an outsider, she is rich, or she is poor. Objects place high value on thingness, appearance, worth, possessions and status.

For the most part, art has become an object to possess and not something to treasure like an aged wine. Art today has become objectified.

Remove objectification and have art be valued for its creativity, and authenticity.
Not all work that is called art is authentic –not all work that a culture calls art is authentic – which is why I say, if everything we create can be called art, then there is no art, art needs value not objectification value, but authentic value. The value of art should be in:

1. In its authenticity:
2. In its uniqueness.
3.In its independence from objectification
4. In its One-of - A Kindness
5. in its individualized properties, which are actualized by the self of the artist. Not every apple that is painted or sculpted is art, some apples are merely cultural objects.
6. Does art have failure and success as part of the process of it’s being created.
7. Is it created?

Good and bad art – let's substitute those values with the words authentic and real, original.


"Entrapment" Receives Award at CAL

Posted on April 06 2021

The CAL, Conroe Art League of Conroe, TX is pleased to announce that "Entrapment" as received a 2nd Place award in their Spring 2021 Exhibition.


Aesthetic Moment: Images – Text Aesthetic Moment

Posted on April 06 2021

Featured image Starlings

Both are an art. Both require uniqueness and originality, one-of-a-kindness, the artist's self. Both are needed. But, more importantly, the self, the one-of-a-kindness are needed for there are many differences and many varieties in both. Reality requires many varieties and differences. Embracing differences is chaotic, and not orderly, but it is the way that reality is.


Honest Work

Posted on April 07 2021

Featured image: Balance


When an artwork is authentic, that is unique, an original, part of who the artist is, then the artwork is real. In other words, it is an honest artwork – straight from the heart. It is honest. It's authentic. It's sensitive to the artist's emotions, and to the viewer's emotions when they are stopped by it to ponder a bit longer. It ignites a spark in them that they can recognize.

This artwork needs respect whether one likes it or not, whether it is good or bad. It needs respect because it is “real.” Sometimes we mistake how we “feel” about something with authenticity and honesty. How we “feel” about something does not make it good or bad. That's just how we feel about it. Good and bad can be based on objective thinking if we want to be fair and honest about the work.


In a Nutshell

Posted on April 08 2021

Featured image: Colors in the Middle

People often ask me in a nutshell what points do you want to make about the individual, the artist and your general theory or philosophy. I answer I will always speak out for: the individual self, the power of creativity within the self and how the control of it, the governance of it should never be given up to another to control, and the freedom to think, if we don’t think we are nothing.

When you read some of my what some call “heavy” text and blogs, know that behind all the text, and the words, these two elements will be there: the power of creativity and its governance and the freedom to think.

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