Aesthetic Moment: We are never totally free

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 18 2020

Aesthetic Moment: We are never totally free

We are never totally free, but we can be free to make choices.  The choices we make determine who we are, and how our uniqueness is shaped.

As I sit quietly listening to the sounds of the woods, surrounded by the gentle blushes of wings and the stirring of leaves as a squirrel scampers up and down a tree.  I can hear this morning far off in the distance the sound of tires on a road and cars moving quickly.  I think of the choices here - mine,  to sit quietly and have an aesthetic moment with the critters in the woods and theirs, worried about whatever as they hurry off somewhere.  I sincerely believe if we choose to start a day by silently greeting the day and listening, observing the wonder of all things natural, that our day will be different then if we choose not to take that moment to greet each new day.

May your day be blessed with at least some natural things.

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