Aesthetic Moment: First Snow Fall

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 19 2020

Aesthetic Moment: First Snow Fall

There is a deeper silence in the woods when the first snowfall happens.  I sit in my chair listening to the snowflakes land on the hood of my blue down coat.  It is a very gentle sound.  The wind is also silent as it peacefully drifts between the flakes shifting them every once in a while, this way then that.  If you really concentrate on the snowflakes, bring them into focus so they aren’t just something that softens the branches and edges and left over colored leaves of the pines and maples, it’s like pearls falling from the sky. 

The first snowfall is always so beautiful.  And we are never really quite ready for it but always are put into wonder when it comes.  As I take a sip of coffee a robin comes to the feeder.  I have a feeder that I put berries and nuts in and he always seems to come to that one.  I wonder if he is one of those robins that will stay the winter.  It’s strange to see him there because all the other robins have left – flown south.  But I take joy in the sight of him and think of blue skies , fluffy white clouds and sunshine.  

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