Aesthetic Moment: The Wind Is Moving

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 07 2019

Once There Were Green Fields

The wind is moving through the woods.  The trees are singing a wing song. Some of the notes are deep.  They sound like rushing water across rocks and pebbles in a mountain creek.  These deep notes are mingled with a rustling sound. It reminds me of the sound of sandpaper across a beautiful piece of wood, smoothing it and bringing out all of the beautiful colors within a piece of cherry.  The rustling sound in the woods mimics the job of the sandpaper. It brings out all of the beautiful wind sounds that are in the woods.

Not too far away, there is a clump of birch trees that are swaying with the wind.  There are a few yellowed leaves gracing their branches. There’s a chill in the air this morning. The slow changes of yet another season passing.

There are fewer birds in the woods now and the hummers have gone.  No longer do I hear the finch song, just the morning crows greeting the day.  So much life.

The grey sky is crying a soft mist, touching my skin.  I imagine my face filled with tiny crystals, mingling with my thoughts and my heart.  Such beauty, such wonderful beauty. I seize this moment and let its glory fill my soul and my spirit.  Deep breaths.

-Christine Alfery

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