Abstract Realism

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 07 2022

Abstract Realism

Featured image: Tides

Abstract realism is a term that describes for me the works of art I have created that come from, reality, realism and then have strayed from reality. I have strayed from reality through the lines I create and the forms and colors I choose. The forms, color and shapes have a resemblance of the real, and yet they don’t.
The meanderings come from my gestural style of painting which is often what I call an improvisation of mark making, and shouts to me to be expressive.
Where do these expressive marks come from? Creativity. Where does my creativity come from? It comes from my history, from years of painting, from memories, from my very being, and being me. They come from all the memories I have and that have inspired me. They come from me.

I cannot paint any other way.

Many of my landscape paintings, my floral paintings and my paintings of creators are all abstract realism. Abstract realism is a subjective approach to painting. It leans towards perception rather than seeming. Abstract realism embraces subjectivity, and the very uniqueness of an artist.

Abstract realism embraces the desire to bring out memories, and our instincts to make a mark a certain way. It embraces the individual, their spiritual souls, and their unique way of being.

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