Blog: Absorbing the Northwoods

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 30 2020

Blog: Absorbing the Northwoods

Every holiday our lake explodes with unnaturalness. Jet ski’s go whizzing by pontoon boats slowly cruise the shoreline and loud voices shout over the noise of the engine.  I watch them from my Adirondack chair and I ask – don’t you see?  Don’t you understand the Northwoods – there is silence and natural beauty in the north woods – you are missing it.

Each day as it begins I try and see the beauty and peace in the Northwoods.  It sets the mood for the day. For example today, I feel the air move rhythmically, I don’t want to disturb its energy.  I want to absorb its energy – and its peace.

I choose to live in the peace and beauty of the north woods  sometimes are harder than others but the early morning is always filled with a Northwoods quiet and I am so glad I am there to enjoy and absorb it.

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