July 26-27-28, 2025

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From enchanting paintings to intricate sculptures, every stop on our tour offers an opportunity to engage with artists, understand their methods, and potentially acquire a piece of their inspired creations. Embark on a journey of artistic exploration amidst the tranquil landscapes of the stunning Wisconsin North Woods.

Christine Alfery, Contemporary Artist

Northwoods Art Tour 2024

Welcome to my online gallery featuring contemporary watercolor art, where you'll discover vibrant watercolor paintings, modern landscapes, and expressive portraits. As a contemporary watercolor artist, I strive to explore unique techniques and create original artwork that captures the essence of each subject.

My recent work digs into the concepts of earth's spirits and the songs of the earth, past, present, and future. 

It blurs the lines of Earth's histories, past, present, and the future between different cultures. It fuses old with new and the hopeful future. My work mixes soul versus machine in these cultures and more directly into the fine arts.  

I find spiritual inspiration in my art and and its connection to the spirits and songs of the earth. I hope those who view my work will let the wonderful earth touch your souls today and always. 

Watermedia painting, Zephyr Winds by Christine Alfery

Christine Alfery's work, "Zephyr's Winds," was featured as a finalist in the Artists Magazine and American Artist Magazine "The Best of Watercolor." 

"The Mask" Receives Gold Award

"This is maybe an unexpected award - to  give this painting, Mask, a top reward. But in my mind, there really wasn’t another choice. I fell in love with this painting. I love the design where it’s yellow on one side and white on the other with that yellow beak. I love the red and white stripes. Everywhere you look on this painting there are things happening - little details, little dots of color, little surprises, little stars, a feather, a little bluebird that took me forever to realize was there. It was in such an unusual spot. I found out later that this is quite a large painting. And again, this is one that I would love to have on my wall. I think I could enjoy all of the time. When we talked about criteria, one of my major criterion was magic. To me, this whole painting is whimsical. It’s magical. It’s appealing, And when you get up close its just beautifully done - all kinds of textures, color artfully and sensitively applied to support the design. Just a winner!"

- Juror James Turner, 31st National Online Exhibition. Red River Watercolor Society


12x12, Watermedia on paper