Art is always such a personal choice. As a designer you would like to see if the art fits in the space and room you are designing. As a collector you want to know that the piece you like not only fits and looks good in the space but also that you are purchasing a unique, original from a nationally known, published contemporary artist. You both want art that intensifies your living space from ho hum same old same old to; "Isn't this an amazing piece of art I found? Don't you just love it?" <P>Christine Alfery creates unique, one-of-a-kind, original, contemporary art that you won't see over your neighbors sofa. <P> <ul><li>Check out examples of Christine's art in <a href="">different rooms</a>. You too can "see if it fits" in your room. </li> <li><a href="">Review the guidelines</a> for "see if it fits" in your room.</li></ul>