Christine Alfery

Tangerine Skies

Tangerine Skies, 30 x 40


Dear Christine:

The jurors have completed their daunting task.  They evaluated 529 works which were submitted by a total of 190 artists hailing from 23 states.  I am admittedly prejudiced but I think they selected a fantabulous exhibition!

Ninety-five works were selected for the exhibition which is an exclusive 18% of submitted works; less than half of this year’s submitting artists will be exhibiting.   You are one of the chosen artists!  The jurors selected “Tangerine Skies” to be one of the works displayed

– VMRC Director Anne Pauley for the VMRC Juried Art Exhibition in Harrisonburg, VA.

I am honored to be in this exhibition.  And so excited for “Tangerine Skies.’  It has always been one of my favorite pieces.