Creating Your Own Room

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
~ Picasso

If you are the art lover that doesn’t just look for something to match your sofa or room then you definitely don’t like just any kind of art. If you are the art lover who is drawn to art that makes a statement, art that expresses who you are then you definitely won’t like just any kind of art. You are the kind of art lover who is looking for a work of art that is unique, original, one of a kind like you. That’s the kind of art I create. I invite you to explore my portfolios, scroll through my series collections and if you connect with what I am trying to say and create I welcome your thoughts. Join my email list so we can keep in touch. For a price, availability of work, commission requests, and see if it will work for you contact me here. For “see if it fits” inquiries, please use the form below. Any other inquiries, please reach out to me here.


Art is always such a personal choice. I know many times you absolutely love a work but are not quite sure if it will work for you in the room you want the art to be in. There are so many wonderful computer programs out there that let you insert the work you are interested in into your location to see if it will work or fit. So if you are seriously considering a work and want to see how it will work in your room but take some good photos of the room you would like to put the work in, send them to me and I will insert the work into your room. It is best if the photo you take is a straight on photo of the wall you want to put the artwork on.


If your still not finding something that will suit your needs, let me create a custom piece for you.

Christine Alfery

Some parameters for creating a custom piece of work:

  • Size:  Maximum for paper is 40×60 on paper and no greater than 60×80 canvas.
  • Price:  Dependent on size of artwork plus 20% for custom work plus shipping cost.
  • Deposit:  50% deposit, non-refundable
  • Timeline:  4-6 weeks for completion, review of artwork at different intervals
  • Shipping:  May be shipped stretched or taken off stretcher bars and rolled, depending on your preference