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Signed Artist Proof "Imagination" Coffee Table Book

$25.00 Artist Proof
8.5" x 11" Lay Flat Coffee Table Book


Artist Statement:

My work champions the individual. The individual's soul, spirit, self, and independence. It is my hope that you never stop enjoying and wondering about your own self, your soul and your spirit. My hope is that you never stop imagining. Don't be anxious to bind your spirit, yourself, and soul, to chain yourself and all of its uniqueness to some system or some identity that others think that you should have or be. Don't compromise your wonderfulness. Rather, engage the wildness of your inner self. Enjoy it. Enjoy and live your own life.

My prayer is always that the work that I do is worthy of my spirit, my heart and soul. I pray that my work gives you the light, energy, wonder, possibilities, and the divine imaginary that is within me. My work always challenges me and it is my hope that it will challenge you and awaken the divine imaginary within you and the spaces you live in.
This book and my work is dedicated to the divine imagination without it there is no glue to hold things together.