“Ringmasters Coat” and “The Healer” accepted into the SCORE juried exhibition “New Beginnings'

Christine Alfery

Posted on December 26 2020

“Ringmasters Coat” and “The Healer” accepted into the SCORE juried exhibition “New Beginnings'

New Beginnings Exhibition – San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center. 

January 1 through January 31, 2021.  

We inherit what others have created throughout history.  We inherit our family’s history.  We inherit the history of things we are interested in, for me, it is fine art.  What we inherit from others is only the product of their thinking. 

The moving force throughout history has been creativity, a creativity that takes what we inherit and uses it and creates, giving birth to the next step as in my work, “The Beginning.” This creating process is not given to us, it is not borrowed from others, it is ours and ours alone. It is uniquely ours.  It belongs to the unique individual who chooses to create the next step in moving forward with an idea.  We learn from one another.  All learning is just a historical exchange of what has been. No one can give an individual the ability to think and create – that is something we must do on our own.

Should I tell folks about different exhibitions I am in or not tell them?  I have struggled with this question since I have been posting exhibitions that my works are being shown in. Why the struggle? Because while I am sharing it, some might also consider it as me boasting.  For me, I have never thought of it as boasting, as I consider it an honor to be in these juried exhibitions and to share my artwork with others. I can understand why others might think it is boasting.  And I understand how others think about boasting.  And these understandings are why I have thought about and hesitated when sharing these exhibitions with others.  How others understand boasting is centered in a family's history.  We often inherit how we understand the concept.  

I have for many years fought against entrenched thinking.  I have challenged myself to try and think about something differently to well …. Perhaps color outside the lines.  But also, to open a wider, bigger space for all of us to find and improve the places that we share and live in.  Boasting is one of those words.  If boasting is understood as bragging, some think that a sin.  But there are multiple ways of understanding the self, one doesn’t need to brag/boast about one's self to understand one's self, one needs to understand one's self, before anyone can share and help others freely.  If one cannot understand one's self how they are to share and help others.  So, I can honestly say that my understanding of self does not lie in the accolades I receive, rather they are a way of my joining another likeminded group that also shares some of my same values for art and self.  I have come to understand the words bragging and boasting belong to folks who don’t understand themselves and need to boast about how others think of them because that makes them feel ok.  That is no way to find one's unique, original self.  And I have talked about finding that self in many of my blogs. 

There are so many artists applying to share their work with others. We all know that if we all shout, try to talk about our work and share it at the same time and in the same place, like the internet now, that none of us will have a voice. Then, our voices and our stories cannot be told.   Perhaps, our stories are not worth being told, but I do not believe that.  All our voices should be heard.  This is the way for me. I have found where I fit and where I am not part of the large herd that follows.  What do I believe?  I believe that I am to follow Christ's teachings. I do not believe I am to copy another’s voice.  So, I try not to.  My voice seems to be heard here.  And I am sincerely grateful that it is.  It is what I encourage all other unique and one-of-a-kind individuals to do.  You were made that way – find a way to have your voice heard.  I accept that there will come a time when I must travel a different path – and I will walk it – and figure out how to travel it when I get there. 

I consider it my job to share with others that there are different choices that they can make regarding exhibiting their work.  I believe that if we do not share our work with others and if we just let it sit in the attic gathering dust, it is a mistake.  I, for one, become bogged down with all that baggage and am uninspired to move on.  I forget what I have done because I try and paint every day.  I try and “create” every day.  I try and live a creative life and that means taking my voice, my work and sharing it with others.  

If my sharing with others is understood as boasting, it is because that is the person's history and what they bring to the arena.  I do not come from that place.  I merely want to live a creative life the best I can – to have the idea of creativity, and becoming, and exploring a way of life.  My life – I have no other way of knowing how to do that given who I am, where I live, my histories and my present.  God has created me as unique. God has created everyone as unique.  He has given us choice through Christ, and we create. We make life, good or bad.

So, it is with honor that I share with you – that my work “Ringmasters Coat” one of my favorites because of what I learned from it, and “The Healer” another one of my favorites were accepted into the SCORE juried exhibition “New Beginnings.'  It is a virtual exhibition because of COVID restrictions.  It begins Friday, January 1, 2021 and goes through Sunday, January 31, 2021.  There will be a Zoom Reception Saturday, January 9, 2021, 5-7 PST.  I have been enjoying these receptions and exhibitions because artists are able to submit their favorite works with no limitations such as size restrictions.  Both of the pieces that were accepted into this exhibition are quite large.  They are part of my circus series, which was a great delight to paint, as well as a challenge because it was the first time that I tried to create people.  To my surprise, many of the figures in the circus series were female.  

Mark your calendar to join us for an online Zoom Reception Saturday, January 9, 2021, 5-7pm PST.
Reception Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 849 1489 2645 Passcode: 164276

This virtual exhibition is through the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center.


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