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Artist Statements

Artist Statement Fall 2017:

My current thinking seems to be asking the age old question “what is art”? Well – don’t know why I say my “current thinking” – I have been asking that question ever since post modernism and all it’s relativity. Not only has art become part of the post modern movement it has also become less precious because it seems everyone accepts the comments “anyone can make art” and it’s all about your own personal interpretation or how one sees things. I can’t in all good consciousness debate it’s all personal interpretation, but I sure would like to debate that art is relative and with that I can say – it is because of everyone’s personal interpretation.

NOT everyone can do art. Everyone can master a technique, everyone can learn a craft, but not everyone can do art. So just what is art? I don’t have the answer but I have been thinking a lot about it my entire life. What art is changes with the times. I will continue this in the next post.

What makes art art? It is all about content, context and concept – it must have substance. It must stress the good and it’s relationship to correcting evil or the bad. It must stress goodness, imagination, ability, virtue, heroism and fight, commonplace, meaninglessness and mindlessness. For me an artist who creates contemporary work – that is conceptual work with an objective, versus modern art – that is nonobjective, completely subjective work that has no content, context or concepts that can be developed.

All that leads up to my current works which are fluid, flowing, like an idea, a concept – that then lead to objectivity, the search, the struggle, the placing of reality into the work. I haven’t got a name for it yet, this new series but it about finding the precious jewels that are reality in life. It is about how you go about finding these jewels, and treasuring them.

Artist Statement October 2015:

Christine Alfery Working
Photo: Dean Hall, Lakeland Times

I have never been able to color in the lines, am not a fan of coloring books, never make chocolate chip cookies the same way twice, so it makes sense that I have a hard time following rules when it comes to making art. Rules have a function. They establish a foundation from which an artist can expand, experiment and explore ideas in the pursuit of creativity, discovery and art. If creativity and discovery are what art is, and I believe they are, then art needs to fall outside of established foundations, lines, rules and boundaries.

I have no interest in creating something that does not make another think beyond their comfort zone.  I have no interest in creating something that does not depart from today’s thinking and imaginings. Art is a journey, it allows us to travel on new pathways. Art should be like water, fluid, indeterminate, distinctive.  Art should be always changing always moving always flowing in perpetual fluid motions.