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"Ladders and Fences"  Series click here

Road Taken Contact

Bubbles The Connection Network

Don't Fence Me In The Journey  have you ever tried to capture bubbles She Spread Her Wings And Flew Don't Fence Me In

 Release III Wind Stepping Stones StepsSunset At The Lake

Return To The Eartj Wild Flowers Watching The Approaching Storm The Wall The Wall II

Movn' With The Wind Natural Arch Shoreline The Way Out

 Birds of Paradise Sapphires in the JasmineWinging It Summer Garden

Stairway To Heaven    Hydrangia III

Heading West The Territory Ahead Fairy HOuse

Curtain Call Fish In The Reef Celebrate   


Fish In The Reef Containment Buoys In The Gulf A Cloud In The SkyEnd Of The Day

 On The Edge Of Forever Return To The Earth

   Little Cluster A Cloud In The SkyCelebrate

Chinese Lanterns and Fireflies Northwoods Colors It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Don't Fence Me In

Two Crows In The Crows  Park Bench The Box Interlude
The Light Is Always On Nebraska Nebraska II Canyon Edge
Curtain Call Along The Lake Shore Three Pears A Drift
Strawberry Fields Wild Things Crossing Up North I 
The Fishing Cabin Has A Red Roof Where The Sky Meets The Water Watching Fireflies At The Cabin Break Of Day 
Cabin AT The Mouth of The River Evening Angelers Gentle Breeze Long Grass In The Current
The Beach At The End Of The Lake Blue Sky Boulders Along The Shore Fields of Amber Flavored Sunnies
Cabin-Lake Superior End Of The Day  Watching Sunsets Up At The Lake The Channel
At The Cabin WE Can Hear The Songbirds The Drive Around The Lake Scared Place Chickadees In The Garden
River Through It Pheonix Little Cabin IN The Woods Mountain Lake - Little Red Canoe
Fields of Amber Flavored Sunnies