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The Space Where Blue Parrots and Love Exist" 

60" x 40"
Mixed Media On Paper

Deep in the jungle where parrots are blue
And no Stanley prowls or dares to presume,
There lives a starving tribe whose songs subsume
Their pain, and all their songs are songs of food.

They sing of plantain, there's never enough,
And of millet and goats, which they have not;
Of breadfruit and grain, (there's never enough),
And the sweet milk of goats, which they have not.

Our songs differ, yet they're always the same,
Just the self-same meat on the self-same bone,
And we sing our loss, our sorrow and pain,
In alto, soprano and baritone.

Words fitting furies as a hand to the glove,
But all the songs we sing are songs of love.

D.W. Pray - Stevens Point

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