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  Thumbs 2013

Daffodils And Crocus

Nankoweap Rapid Fairy House I

Fairies On The Fence Waiting Out The Storm Fairy House II



The Hive Blue Birds And Love

Road To The Mountains Chickadees In The Garden Marshlands Break Of Day

Ode To Van Gogh Blue Sky Out To Sea

 Sketch For Chaos Ode To Miro Landscape I Dancing Dragon Flies - Red Lily Pad

Chilly Day Sunnies Journey

Yellow Flowers In Vase Sunflower

She Was Never One To Go With The Flow Fairy House III Fairy Falls III Fairies Traveling The Red RoadFairies On The Fence Before The Storm

The Fairies Butterscotch Light Cranberri Bog Flowing The Fairies Lights She Put Up A Picket Fence To Protect Her Garden

Fairies Playing Hopscotch On Lily Pads Fairy House II Caterpillars And Fairies In The Garden Fence Line

             Fairies Dancing     

Nankoweap Rapid Fairy House I

Just Singing In The Rain


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