Signature Christine E. Alfery
  "Fairy House"
Accepted into the Northern National in Rhindelander WI.  "Fairy House"  was also featured in the March 2014 issue of Artists Magazine. 

  Fairy HOuse

Artist Statement

I am a working artist. I try to be authentic in my content; I try also not to show a sense of fatigue because of my own familiarity with this content. It is essential that the excitement of discovery remain in the working process. Painting is like writing: there is a central content; we need to have a personal way to express that content, but we donít use the same phrases every time.

To create art an artist must have courage to search and embrace the mystery that lies deeply within the notions of the real and the imagined. To create art an artist must search for the song and dance within a work of art. I believe the artist and in turn and her work become the medium in which song and dance can be transmitted.  Each time I approach a blank canvas I gather up my courage and embrace that space where I allow myself to dance and sing. While my work is inspired by nature, the spirit within my work us imaginary, my imagination is my artists muse.

I paint abstract subject matter which can change from my own unique, imaginative marvels to common, ordered, statements and/or to motley complex wonderings every time people interact with it. The perpetual movement of creative imaginative wonderings of myself and the viewer creates a flowing river that is, abstract, complex, and filled with infinite possibilities.   I cherish these motley complex wonderings of possibility. These wondering possibilities keep things in motion, perpetual motion. They become the alchemy of the imaginary.