Christine Alfery :: Original Contemporary Fine Art


Yellow Brick Road

"Yellow Brick Road"  Watercolor 24x24 on paper.  Willy Wonka Series.



My artwork is like a story board that speaks to my philosophical beliefs about life, the roads I have traveled and the questions I have asked and tried to answer.  My work speaks to the concept of choice and the changes choice brings about.  For me personally choice is all about individual freedom, a freedom that can or cannot help form our realities and what we believe in.

                I have developed quite a few icons and marks that relate to my philosophical beliefs.  Life, and how we understand reality are built upon foundations, which are unique to every individual.  These foundations become part of the life forces, the life energy that lies with us and what does or doesn’t drive us.  What we do with these life forces what we choose to do with that is personal, unique and individual.  These forces can transform us or trap us. 

                Here are some of the marks that keep appearing in my work – they tell a story, they relate universally to all of us, but they are unique to my work. 


1.        ladders represent hopes for the future, rising above, challenging ourselves.


2.        connected circles, dots represent links to other things, connections.


3.       wheel represent the journey, the road we choose to travel on.


4.        three triangles represent, the mysterious, the subjective, a belief, faith.



5.        represent flight, wings.


6.        represents flight, wings.


7.         bridges represent the way to get to the other side.


8.        balls of string represent the tangles we get ourselves into.


9.         x x x represent love. 


10.    wavy musical scores represent rhythm, our foundations, integration.


11.      open circle always represents a way out.


12.    dotted black and white line represents movement.

13.    knots, represent struggle.


14.   grid, game board represent entrapments.