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"Road Taken"   20x60  on paper  

Road Taken


Artist Statement  "Fences & Ladders - The Journey"    Series

Imagine a sheet of paper.  Place a dot on it.  Imagine that dot is you.  Now take that piece of paper and crumble it up into a tight ball.  Where are you in this labyrinth? What are you touching?  What are you connected to?  Are you inside?  Are you outside?   This body of work is about journeys I have taken trying to reach the impossible, to see the invisible, trying to reach the unreachable.  Trying to reach, the stars, the moon, the sunset, never never land, wonderland, infinity.  It is about exploring possibilities using fences and ladders to cross barriers and bridges.  Using fences and ladders as building blocks in my journey of searching, exploring, and discovering,  always trying to find the outside of that crumbled up in a tight ball and always reaching for the stars.

Christine E Alfery